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Invest in our associates
to benefit our clients.

At Real Estate Professionals Inc., we invest heavily on the success and growth of our associates to allow them to succeed in the ever changing landscape of the real estate industry.

By providing a comprehensive and multifaceted support network for our associates, we provide our associates with the tools necessary to allow them to offer high quality services to our clients, for their real estate purchases and sales, to really let them shine.

About Our Brokerage

Real Estate Professionals Inc. is an independent real estate brokerage, founded in 2002, offering our Pro level of service and professionalism to home buyers, sellers, and investors throughout Calgary and the surrounding area. In the years since its inception, the company continuously has met its lofty goals, pushed for constant improvement, and set the standard for real estate excellence within the industry.

The growth of REP to a staggering team 370+ Realtors ®️

Real Estate Professionals Inc. has quickly grown to include multiple offices throughout Calgary and is home to 370+ amazing associates. With a long history in real estate and the knowledge in navigating the complexities of the ever-changing market, Realtors® and clients alike trust Real Estate Professionals Inc. to get the job done!

Meet The Team

We’ve always kept our fingers on the pulse of the real estate industry in Alberta! Unlike other real estate brokerages, at Real Estate Professionals Inc. we strategically built a diverse management team skilled and knowledgeable in various aspects of our industry from legal to conveyancing, to Realtor® management, professional development, and client support!

Pranav Khemka


Andrew Frentz


Paul Paterson

Broker Delegate

Barbara Brimacombe

Business Manager

Tania Lowe

Lead Conveyancer

Gail Peris


Maria De Campos

Listings / South Office Co-ordinator

Our 3 Core Principles

At Real Estate Professionals Inc., we are governed by 3 core principles, which guides our approach in traversing the complex real estate industry.

Always Realtor®-First

It starts with the associates. Supporting our associates in a variety of different areas, such as marketing, business development, legal, and education, is the cornerstone of our brokerage’s success.

Work Together For the Best of Our Clients

We work tirelessly to provide custom tailored-made solutions, by utilizing our internal network of 370+ Realtors®️ and our ever-expanding third-party vendor network, to help our clients easily navigate the real estate industry.

Be The Pro

We strive for excellence in what we do - real estate. We enjoy the process and not just the outcome. As such, we actively learn, adapt, and respond to the market and thereby imbue confidence and comfort in our clients. When you’re with us you’re with a Pro!

What Our Realtors Say About REP

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A Brokerage Built For Realtor®️ Success

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Instant Savings at REP!

We take pride in offering one of the lowest brokerage fees and monthly administrative charges for our associates in Alberta, alongside our class-leading in-house commissions advance program, which ensures more money stays in your pockets – where it belongs!

We’ve Got Your Back!

It all begins with our class-leading conveyancing service, which starts with our detailed contract reviews and ends with our ultra fast commission payouts. We also provide accessible management support and an on-site real estate lawyer and mortgage associate to help you get the deal done!

Work and Play Hard!

We’re focused on investing in your growth. Our brokerage offers educational courses, presentations from industry experts and a class leading 1:1 mentorship program. Throughout the year, we also host various social events for our Realtors®️ and their family, like our Winter Holiday Celebration!

Become A Realtor® at Real Estate Professionals Inc.

Everyday more Realtors®️ choose to work at Real Estate Professionals Inc. because of our Realtor®️-first approach to business support and development, our low fee structures, and our commitment to industry excellence. Interested in becoming a Pro?

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